an innovator and leader in wireless connectivity solutions

GainSpan is an innovator and leader in wireless connectivity solutions for the rapidly emerging Internet of Things.

GainSpan’s IoT solutions let customers quickly and easily create connected products for smart homes, health and fitness, audio and video applications, control and monitoring in commercial and industrial applications, and smart cities.

GainSpan offers a broad portfolio of low-power, feature-rich connectivity modules and chips, embedded software including the networking stack and services, kits for rapid software development, hardware and software applications reference and design, reference application code for Android and iOS, and evaluation boards. Together, they help developers bring their creations to market quickly and cost-effectively.

GainSpan markets

Health and Fitness: Weight and BMI scales and heart rate, glucose, and sleep apnea monitors to track consumer health and fitness performance and send data to smartphones, tablets or over the internet to 3rd party web-hosted applications.

Commercial: Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, smart plugs, water heaters, lighting control, A/C to reduce energy consumption as businesses become more energy conscious; inventory trackers and security systems.

Smart Home: Safety and security, air quality monitors, door locks, access control, and irrigation controller; Wi-Fi enabled lighting, temperature and appliance controls.

Industrial: Various sensors to monitor the environment, fluid levels, corrosion, etc. for preventive maintenance; people- and asset-tracking devices.

Audio/Video: High-speed applications like audio and video security, speakers and surveillance cameras.

Smart Cities: Monitoring spaces in parking garages or city streets, smart street lighting, traffic messaging to ease congestion.

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