Join the Alliance Program!

The IAR Connect Alliance Program is open for partners who share our vision about the next generation of embedded development. Benefits for members of the program may include, but is not limited to:

Access to our tools

  • Guarantees high-quality solutions and simplifies development workflow across platforms
  • Early software updates
  • Roadmap information

Access to training and support

  • Technical training on-site or at IAR Systems office
  • Technical expertise
  • Global partner recognition

Activites and updates

  • Regular update meetings on IAR Connect, Technology & roadmap and Customer engagements
  • Annual partner conference

In addition, partners will be able to benefit from customer collaboration including strategic marketing programs, joint sales efforts, etc. 

Are you interested in joining IAR Connect Alliance Program?


  1. Explore possibilities together with us
  2. Sit tight during our review and approval process
  3. Plan and execute the program implementation together with us