I am a measure maniac

Text written by Stefan Skarin, CEO and IoT geek, IAR Systems

I have just figured out that I might be a measure maniac. I thought I was just a weather freak or, in the best of worlds, a normal technology freak with an interest in sports. And weather. And.... Well, it turned out to be the measurement itself that I am into.

I have at least a thousand times explained what a microcontroller can do, why it is important in our digitalized world and, perhaps most importantly, what our customers develop with our tools. For a technical audience, I have been talking about why small and fast code is important. For the financial community, I have been explaining the importance of tracing and tracking data and how it all starts with a smart microcontroller. Measure is often framed as the born talent of a microcontroller. When talking to either a technical audience or a financial one, I usually use examples to highlight what a microcontroller’s measures can be used for. For example, I am intensively engaged in medical appliances and what a product in that segment can measure to increase someone’s life quality.

Last weekend when enjoying the view of the Amalfi coast, my attention was not only drawn to the spectacular scenery but also to my daily measures. I just realize that I measure a lot of things in my daily life. The peak of my measures is when the space is set for rest, which is during weekends. During weekends, I definitely exercise and that brings me to a deep lake of measures. I also use weekends for reflections in nature and that makes an ocean wide of measures. This is not just a habit I got from having the best job in the industry, as the CEO of the world-leading software vendor IAR Systems. It also makes me find the dwell of energy to continue finding new measures. The future will present more microcontrollers and more products, which means more things for me to measure and perhaps more measure maniacs out there. I can’t wait to get going! If you want to measure yourself against me, you need to be above 31 measures a typical Saturday afternoon… Are you up for the challenge?

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