Impressions from IoT DevCon

Text written by our IoT trend team at IoT DevCon 2016: Josefin Skarin and Jan Nyrén.

The Internet of Things, Intranet of Things, Internet of Everything, Internet of Too Many Things? 50 billion connected devices by 2020, receiving a text message when the washing machine cycle is finished or discovering you’re out of milk but knowing an email has been sent to your local store ordering a fresh bottle. Ok, that impressed us back in 2014... Now it’s 2016 and we went to IoT DevCon in San Francisco to get the latest trends and updates from IoT Companies and gurus.

Safety and security was a really hot topic during the show. Hacked cars and baby monitors, cyber criminals hacking hospitals with virus that encrypts computer files and then don’t give you a key to unlock the documents until they’re paid a ransom, Wi-Fi-enabled devices being added on LAN without proper security, security in healthcare and the liability risk with Remote Patient Monitoring... Some examples we’ve heard before, and some new. Internet-enabled devices are making our homes, cities and lives more connected, but they’re also delivering new potential threats. So the fact that safety was a hot topic at IoT DevCon did not come as a surprise.

There were a number of good presentations and although there was no new revolutionary news with regards to IoT, on the whole it gave a good snapshot of the current industry state. Some new areas of discussion are currently in the making, specifically around Fog and Mist computing, the imminent battle between platforms and open standards, certification of IoT devices.

It is obvious that many companies are still looking to find their uniqueness in the IoT era. The Internet of Things is emerging as the next technology trend, and will change everything from our personal lives to businesses and people developing IoT products we haven’t even thought about yet. The reality of IoT is that we are on our way to the next industrial revolution, powered by technology. And IAR Systems is part of this revolution.