Interesting new IoT products that light up your home

Text written by Josefin Skarin, IoT geek at IAR Systems

There are so many cool and useful IoT products on the market but many of them are still really expensive. That’s why I shouted YEES when I saw the news about Ikea and that they are getting into smart lightning.

Some news just get you very excited, especially for an IoT geek and a Swede like myself :) Ikea's new system is called TRÅDFRI (wireless in Swedish) and includes a gateway kit with remote control switchers, a dimmer switch, two smart lights, plus the hub that all of your lights attach to. You can easy control the lightning with an app and dim down the light or change the warmth of their glow. The thing that really makes me really happy with news like this is that these kinds of products make IoT accessible for many more people, since it’s not that expensive as many other IoT products.

Personally I want to see more accessible IoT products in healthcare in the near future, for example wireless connected glucometers and sensors/cameras for monitoring elderly at home. Until that day come, at least we can light up our life with some smart lightning at home :)