Investing in IoT security

The market for security in embedded systems is expected to grow enormously. And just recently, IAR Systems formed a technology alliance with Secure Thingz to deliver secure product creation, deployment and lifecycle management for IoT.

We at IAR Systems really believe in the power of strong alliances to share knowledge and technology. This is especially applicable for the connected world and the IoT. That is one of the reasons that we have formed an alliance with Secure Thingz to enable security across the entire lifecycle of a device.

According to Machina Research: IoT Global Forecast & Analysis 2015-2025, there will be 27 billion IoT connections in 2025. But delivering completely secure, embedded systems is a major challenge today, especially within high-growth markets such as critical infrastructure, Industrial IoT and automotive, as multiple high-profile security breaches have already impacted these industries. Secure Thingz delivers products and services for the development, deployment and management of next-generation, secure devices. We offer complete software tools that ensure quality, reliability and efficiency in embedded development. Our joint solutions will enable secure device identities and privileges, allowing manufacturers and users alike to establish secure supply chains of trust, from silicon device manufacture to end-user product deployment and updates.

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