IoT in the daily life

Text written by Stefan Skarin, CEO and IoT geek, IAR Systems

The Internet of Things has made it all the way into our daily lives without us really noticing. Many of us are using fitness tracking devices connected to our phones, have smart home products in our house, and can make use of public smart trash cans. A common question I get is what IoT applications I am currently using in my life.

When I talk to people about the IoT and the connected world, I often meet the assumption that people expect me to constantly search, invest and use IoT applications or products. To see how many IoT products I am using, I decided to try to log all the products that I use. And surprisingly, it was far more than I expected.

But first, let us sort out what I mean with an IoT product. For me, it is a product with a sensor that collects data or information and forward that through a network to an internet-based application or service. There is a common believe that just because a product is digitalized, it is an IoT application. However, that is often not the case. For example, a washing machine can have sensors without being an IoT application. But, if the washing machine is connected to a service to measure acidity I would argue for an IoT application.

So, how many IoT devices did I end up with during my counting? Well, it turned out to be 11 products! The areas where I have made decision for an IoT product are mostly around diagnostics in my second career as hobby triathlon athlete. For this, I use a smart wrist band that tracks all my activities and collects physiological data. Home security, information, diagnostics are also some areas where I have chosen IoT products. And if we look further, I believe my car is the one really setting the scene for new invested applications. In addition, I have my connected toothbrush. I am always delighted to see where my toothbrush wants me to purchase new brushes on my international travels. In fact, that could actually be quite amusing one lonely evening in a boring hotel...

My next investment will either be in increased exercise efficiency control, photography or home gateway appliances. And who knows, perhaps one day I will go for a biomedical tattoo!