IoT–the biggest IT opportunity for years

This post is written by Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems.

As many are already saying, the Internet of Things is here now. It’s not just hype anymore. As I see it, it is the biggest IT opportunity for years.

When the IoT hype started several years ago, my initial approach was to educate myself and our community in understanding how much of the IoT reality was at surface. To start with the source of information was fairly easy to digest and conclude in some trends, but in light of the IoT becoming more and more a reality, the endless stream of opinions, offerings, trends, etc., made the crystal ball filled with cloudy or disguised messages. As always in great IT market opportunities, the demand is also forced by the industry’s deep wish to be part of the new exciting opportunities beyond the famous chasm (as described in the revised model of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle defined by Geoffrey A. More.).

The Internet of Things is the biggest opportunity for years. To start with, it gives us technological possibilities that we’ve never seen before. Second, it is the biggest software thing since the introduction of the World Wide Web back in the days. And, thanks to new connected devices and sensors, companies will gain a lot from the IoT as it will drive and support their business in the future.

Which industries will have the most interesting IoT opportunities during upcoming years then? Well, that’s one of the most frequent questions I get. For this, I would like to first revise the today overoptimistic view on wearables since it will change in light of functionality changes of wearables and new processes. Instead, I want to pitch for medical appliances taking a lead and of course also home appliances.  And more importantly, things are really moving in the IoT world as there are still plenty of things being said, strategized, implemented, and discussed.

New things, technologies, investments and standards will make the world evolve even faster than today. If you are into technology, like me, we are in from of an opportunity that is one of few in a lifetime. I am also very excited to see how the connected world can help us humans to create a better world. More views will emerge so stay tuned.