IoT will change the life of diabetics worldwide

Text written by Josefin Skarin, IoT geek at IAR Systems

World Diabetes Day (WDD) s celebrated annually Nov 14 and is the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign. Personally I did not know much about diabetes until a year ago when a relative of mine was diagnosed with it.

About a year ago, my cousin’s 6-year-old son was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1.  Since I’m an IoT geek, I started to do some research on the Internet of Things and diabetes. Are there any IoT projects out there that will help my cousin’s son manage his diabetes in the future?  I found quite many interesting ones along the way:

  • Since 2014, Google is working on its smart lens project. It is built to measure glucose levels in tears every second via a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material. This data is then transmitted to an app.
  • Researchers at South Korea’s Institute for Basic Science are developing a drug-delivering glucose monitoring microneedle patch.
  • Medtronic together with Watson are launching the Sugar.IQ diabetes app that helps detect important patters and trends for people with diabetes.  
  • Smart socks from the startup Siren Care are lined with sensors designed to detect variations in foot temperature linked to inflammation. Early detection of injury is key in preventing ulcers and amputations for people with diabetes.

These are just some examples of IoT projects with the goal of helping diabetics. And for the future, we can’t know today what kind of smart products the approximately 422 million people worldwide with diabetes will use tomorrow and beyond. As an IoT geek, I believe in the power of the IoT and I look forward to be part of a future where this amazing technology stands to make an impact across the entire diabetes industry.