Medical IoT can make a big change in our lives

Text written by Stefan Skarin, CEO and IoT geek, IAR Systems

I could honestly say that the reason why I entered the world of the Internet of Things was the day when I realized the massive effect IoT could have on our lives. Let me share some of my thoughts on this with you.

When I refer to the medical industry, I mainly think of products for aid and assistance such as meters, measures, and diagnostics. In a perfect world, these products also come with interactive functions to avoid risks, send alerts and include a broader network of medical experts/doctors, relatives, etc. The IoT could make a big change in our lives, and when I say this I am not just thinking of smart applications that can give amusement and ease our day-to-day life. What is truly thrilling is how the medical IoT can improve quality of life or give assistance when needed the most. Since the day when I realized this, I have discovered at least one new IoT application or product per week that inspires me and convinces me even more in how the IoT can make a change. There are smart solutions already being used out there, such as remote patient monitoring. We can also read more and more analysis on this subject, and I am pleased to see that the recent report from Future Market puts relevant data in place for this huge growing segment.

Still there are plenty of areas within the medical field that have not yet been “IoT-ized”. There are a lot of opportunities here. For example, there are many application fields where visuals could be very informative and useful, both for caring purposes but also for making analysis and setting diagnosis. Why this development takes some time has several factors. First, it is depending on the fact that not all corners of the medical industry have moved from an analog information flow, or ever worse paper-based information flow, into a digitalized flow. Secondly, there are security and privacy concerns that need to be solved. The key to success is stable technology and knowledge sharing.

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