Most wanted things in the smart city

The connected world brings many innovative possibilities to life and there are a lot of areas that can and will benefit from it. One of these areas is the smart city.

According to Wikipedia, a smart city is defined as "the ability to integrate multiple technological solutions in a secure fashion to manage the city’s assets – the city’s assets include, but not limited to, local departments information systems, schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, law enforcement, and other community services". And many initiatives and projects are already out there. Since 2011, the European Commission have had a smart city project involving cities, industry leaders and other key partners with one of the main goals to make European cities more sustainable. Last year, the US government announced a smart city initiative that will invest in federal research and technology collaborations to help communities with local challenges and services. Also, in Japan and India, large government projects with a focus on smart cities have been around for several years.

Developing smart cities can really have the possibility to increase quality of life and reduce environmental impact. But which products and processes are the most wanted things to make connected and smarter in the city? What would ease your daily life? Share your thoughts with us by sending an email to