The IAR Systems' IoT team

This text is written by Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems.

At IAR Systems, we have a +30 years long history in the embedded space. Thanks to this, we host a deep knowledge and long-term experience of embedded development and our market. Still, can we grasp, understand and use our expertise for emerging technology complexity such as the Internet of Things?

We are bold to believe that our experience and deep knowledge are helping us to understand complexity and challenges within new emerging technologies. We add knowledge of emerging technologies to our experts and thinkers instead of recruiting new expertise. That way I think we are maintaining a continued strategic focus.

Let me take a moment to tell you a bit about how we have formed our team of pathfinders that will guide our growing amount of customers that are searching for guidance in the IoT and other emerging technologies.

Anders Holmberg: 
Anders is the core and the backbone from our historical approach of product manager. His role is to ensure that we take advantage of the market demands and combine them with our deep technical expertise. He is responsible for our product roadmap and strategies when it comes to IoT and emerging technologies.

Thomas Sporrong:
 Thomas is the traditional customer forefront expert. His role is to have a complete understanding of the challenges that our customers experience. He is also responsible for roll out of any new technology globally.

Me, Stefan Skarin:
 My role is a visionary role with the main focus to be the core forefront for our strategic relations. I am responsible for the entrepreneur part of new business models, as we are convinced that the business models need to change among us IoT suppliers to meet the customer demands of easy access and implementation, and fast return on investment.

As in any strategic investment, this team has a full back up from our CTO Petter Edman, COO Mats Ullström, Product Managers and our sales and marketing organization. These backups are a great comfort for us in the core team, but of course also an insurance of the continued support and quality assurance which all our customers are so familiar with.

Join us and be part of our dialogue and journey into this exciting emerging embedded world. Feel free to contact me on Twitter at @sskarin.