Why IAR Connect Alliance Program?

Text written by Thomas Sporrong, Global FAE Manager at IAR Systems

“A chain is only as strong as the weakest link”. That is applicable to embedded systems development, too.

Over the years, I have met countless customers with parts of their development process facing severe challenges such as:

  • An “expert” consultant has led them in the wrong direction.
  • They’re stuck with old components and legacy decisions.
  • New market demands puts added stress on top of everything else.
  • Key employees, with a great know-how, have left the building.
  • Their system lacks performance or that extra piece of memory needed for next upgrade.
  • They’re burnt on a vendor’s ability to deliver what they were promised.
  • They’re stuck with legacy code that no one dares to touch which slows innovation.
  • Time is running out for launching that new next-generation product due to integration issues.

As challenging as this may sound, my experience also clearly shows that the opportunities ahead to change the position to something better, and the pride in delivering competitive solutions, is almost always stronger than the feeling to give up or just deliver a mediocre product.

For me, it is a very gratifying feeling to be part of this process and to be able to help and support development teams in the right direction. The most successful embedded development teams I’ve met are those that are in charge of their own destiny, who thinks platform orientation out in details, and those who make profound decisions about where they are heading with their development.

So how can we together make life easier for these teams, and help create those platforms that are valid for next-generation embedded development? The ones that will work for connected applications, IoT solutions, and everything else that lies ahead of us? My simple answer to that is building strong alliances that tie everything together. This makes life easier for development teams and enables them to focus on the innovative and differentiating part of their development. To reinvent the embedded wheel has never been as wrong as today.

Partnerships have always been a vital component in making business. However, the embedded industry calls for a major change to cope with increased development complexity, fierce competition and time-to-market constraints. And last but not least, the next-generation embedded development calls for truly integrated solutions where everything fits together and has been tested together, and where responsible and resourceful vendors deliver and support the solutions.

The IAR Connect team leads this change by hosting a website where people and technology can connect. We also host an alliance program that we call IAR Connect Alliance Program. In this program, partners and customers can connect to create and establish next-generation embedded platforms that we believe will be the foundation of coming technology upgrades and shifts. This program rests on these important pillars:

  • Always based on customer needs; a solution or platform must come with a clear value to a wide range of development teams
  • Globalized approach; IAR Systems is a global company and our customers simply expect global solutions
  • Proven and complete technology that fits together, has been tested and proved in real life
  • Sharing of know-how and training in an hands-on approach; this is key to success

We believe that the embedded industry calls for change and a smarter world needs smarter alliances. If you believe in that too, and want to be part of next-generation embedded development together with IAR Systems, please connect with us and explore these new opportunities together!

Connect with me on Twitter, @t_sporrong.