The traditional medical sector is catching up fast with the fitness industry

The medical and health industry is bursting at the seams with ideas on how to make the best use of the Internet of Things and connected devices.

The fitness industry is a forerunner with connected devices that can measure and log your activity and it has showed that personalized devices can be manufactured and sold in high volumes; but the traditional medical device sector is catching up fast.

Some opportunities in medical and health industry

  • Non-invasive real-time monitoring of general health indicators like heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels etc. to improve quality of life and improve drug prescriptions.
  • Monitoring of special biomarkers to detect more complex conditions or determine the exact response to real-time drug administration.
  • More precise follow-up of athletes' training dose and response to the training, to avoid overtraining and injury and maximize the "ROI" of the training. In a team setting it’s possible to analyze and focus on for example optimized movement patterns to invent winning strategies.
  • Big data, machine learning and statistics can be used to combine data from all kinds of sensors over an entire population to predict possible new treatments and pinpoint conflicts between existing treatments. Not to mention the interesting discussion on data integrity and privacy that this should spark.