Welcome to the IoT Dashboard

These are truly exciting times! What could be more thrilling than to be part of the unraveling of a revolution fully comparable to that of the internet revolution? Few industries in our lifetime have experienced such hype and promises as the one of IoT.

Progress is made daily but analogous to the internet revolution, initiatives and ideas are disparate and from the overall perspective it is sometimes difficult to see the steps that the industry is actually taking; you don’t really see the forest for the trees. This is why I wanted a means for investors or interested parties not that familiar with IoT to gauge the temperature of the industry. Thus the idea of IAR IoT dashboard was born! My simple vision with the dashboard is to be the source of IoT data and present IAR Systems’ view of IoT.

The dashboard will constantly be updated with figures, facts and news. We will also interview industry leaders, all with the ambition to provide a holistic view of the state of the industry.

IAR Systems has had an active part and provided vital components to this revolution from the very beginning by helping customers digitalizing their analog products, by adding communication capabilities and by making our customers’ products open for larger solutions/systems. We are very proud of all that we have achieved but we are not satisfied. Now we are taking steps to further strengthen the position as an IoT company and the IoT dashboard is just one example of that.

I hope that you will find this site useful when navigating the IoT jungle! Happy reading!

Stefan Skarin