We enable innovation by connecting technologies and people.


am Stefan Skarin, CEO of IAR Systems. I have a passion to build; build on my summerhouse; build organizations; build on my experiences. I am also passionate about the technology that builds the world, especially connected applications that make the world smarter.

You might already be familiar with IAR Systems, but if you aren't; here's a quick intro: IAR Systems is the world-leading vendor of embedded development tools. Thanks to a broad ecosystem of partners and over 30 years in the industry, we are able to deliver high-quality development tools at the forefront of technology.

From smart refrigerators and health monitoring, to connected industrial robots and vehicle to vehicle communication, the connected world brings many new products and improvements to the market. In fact, it is already changing people’s lives and future possibilities are limitless. Virtually all industries have devices or products that can be further utilized through improved communication and connectivity; to increase profit or reduce costs, to make things more convenient for the user or to improve the quality of life.

I believe that the best way to take advantage of the possibilities of the connected world is by providing new technology offerings, sharing knowledge and establishing strong strategic alliances. That’s why we at IAR Systems have created IAR Connect—a portal where we connect you with high-quality product development platforms, as well as a meeting point connecting people interested in the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies.

The platforms we present at IAR Connect are high-quality and collect everything you need to be able to bring your products to the market faster and easier. Since 1983, we have collected a deep knowledge about embedded development. With our global presence and widely spread customer base, we have a unique understanding of different customer needs. No matter where you are and what connected applications you are focused on, we bring the solutions and the support you need to you.

I am sure that IAR Connect will inspire you and help you find new ideas for innovative products. Do you have an example of a connected application that you've built, a viewpoint about the new connected world, or other interesting stories to share? Connect with me in person at upcoming events, tweet me at @sskarin, and explore the potential of the connected world at this portal.


Twitter: @sskarin